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Personal Finance

Learn the essential steps to take control of your finances and free up your time to do the things you love. Whether this means paying off debt, creating your personal financial plan or simply saving more money to achieve your financial goals.

Wealth Building

Personal finance skills are the first stepping stones to wealth creation. Now that you have the basics down, learn the next steps to increase your savings rate and put your dollars to work through investing.

Goal Setting

The stepping stones paving your path to financial independence will lead you nowhere in the absense of cearly defined goals. Learn the skills to define your dreams, turn your dreams into actionable steps, and maintain the motivation to stay the course.

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What is FI?

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Financial independence means working because you want to, not because you have to.

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Follow these 11 steps for a secure retirement on a sailing boat with beautiful sunny blue sky

Edited and reposted with 2019 updates. This post will cover the key areas of your employer-sponsored retirement plan that you can quickly review and optimize in order to maximize your savings and investment earnings.  First off, I have to ask.  Do you have an employer-sponsored retirement account?  Unless you are self-employed or work for a …
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  You feel like you have too much to do and you are drowning at work. We’ve all been there at one time or another and it’s not fun. This post will cover what to do when you feel overwhelmed at work. It’s Monday. You were dreading this moment so much that you set your …
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Woman doing paperwork on a desk with a piggy bank and text overlay "The 12 Financial Rules You Need to Live By"

Learn the essential personal finance rules you need to live by if you want to save more money, build wealth and achieve financial security. Personal finance has a way of instilling fear and overwhelm.  The general message is that in order to be smart with your money you need to hire a specialized financial advisor, …
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