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Personal Finance

Learn the essential steps to take control of your finances and free up your time to do the things you love. Whether this means paying off debt, creating your personal financial plan or simply saving more money to achieve your financial goals.

Wealth Building

Personal finance skills are the first stepping stones to wealth creation. Now that you have the basics down, learn the next steps to increase your savings rate and put your dollars to work through investing.

Goal Setting

The stepping stones paving your path to financial independence will lead you nowhere in the absense of cearly defined goals. Learn the skills to define your dreams, turn your dreams into actionable steps, and maintain the motivation to stay the course.

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Woman dropping change into a smiling piggy bank with text overlay "what your retirement savings needs to be at every age"

Are you on track to retire?  How would you even know?  In this post I review the various recommendations on how much you need to have saved at every age and income level in order to retire.  And if financial independence or early retirement is your goal, use the chart to instantly calculate where you …
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The 7 Essential Stepping Stones to Financial Independence

This post will review the key stepping stones on the path to financial security and independence. Whether you start off with a negative net worth due to debt, or simply don’t have a plan, these are the steps that anyone can incorporate into their lives so they can begin building wealth. Too often I hear …
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Happy woman sitting on edge of a boat named "DREAM" in beautiful Caribbean water

This post will cover the details of how to create both long and short term goals so that you can live the life you dream of, but don’t know how to achieve.  With 10-Year Goals, you can envision the life you want, break those goals down into short term goals that will work towards your …
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Feature image of desktop with glasses, plant and charts and text "What is an Expense Ratio and Why You Need to Know Yours"

You’ll probably agree that actively managing your entire retirement portfolio is not on your current to-do list. Which is why there are easy mutual funds and retirement target-date funds available that provide diversification and a convenient hands off approach.  According to the How America Saves 2019 Report from Vanguard, 98% of employees were offered target-date …
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Feature Image two loaves of homemade sourdough bread and text "Is it cheaper to make your own bread?"

These are some interesting times. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and shelter-in-place orders, I’ve been home for two months now. Which has left me with more free time than I’ve had since before I went to college. One thing I’ve just never had the time for is learning how to make my own bread. Specifically, …
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Woman working a desk with piggy bank and calculator - how to save money fast

In the midst of a global pandemic and widespread layoffs, not to mention the very real possibility of a looming recession, it has never been more important to dramatically cut monthly spending in order to live on less money.  This is a great option if you have recently been laid off or you and your …
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An overturned jar of change with stacks of coins and text overlay "Traditional vs. Roth IRA - Which is Better?"

Contributing to an employer sponsored retirement account, like a 401(k), is automated and easy. The most complicated aspect is picking a plan and then choosing what percentage of your earnings should be deposited each paycheck. But if you’re looking to take full advantage of retirement investing strategies, or an employer sponsored retirement plan isn’t an …
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