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Personal Finance

Learn the essential steps to take control of your finances and free up your time to do the things you love. Whether this means paying off debt, creating your personal financial plan or simply saving more money to achieve your financial goals.

Wealth Building

Personal finance skills are the first stepping stones to wealth creation. Now that you have the basics down, learn the next steps to increase your savings rate and put your dollars to work through investing.

Goal Setting

The stepping stones paving your path to financial independence will lead you nowhere in the absense of cearly defined goals. Learn the skills to define your dreams, turn your dreams into actionable steps, and maintain the motivation to stay the course.

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What is FI?

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Financial independence means working because you want to, not because you have to.

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Woman using smartphone to log her grocery expenses

One of the very first articles I wrote for this blog, before it was even called Stepping Stones to FI, was on how to track your monthly expenses. Shortly after, I wrote the companion post on how to create a budget you can actually stick to.  I created my first downloadable freebies for the Resource …
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Two young women holding $100 bills over their eyes with text overlay "Self limiting beliefs about money - and how to overcome them"

We all have them. Limiting beliefs about money that hold us back.  There is a complex history of money beliefs and habits that we learn growing up, as well as cultural and societal norms to navigate throughout adulthood.  Self limiting beliefs about money prevent us from earning more, paying off debt and building wealth. They …
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Piggy bank on desk with woman working on money management and text "What to do when you are bad with money"

You’ve been here before. You work so hard to payoff debt and save more money every month. And yet somehow, you lose track, unexpected expenses pop up and you just don’t know where all that money went.  You are now convinced that you are bad with money. We’ve all been here before.  But there is …
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credit cards with white background and text "How I finally joined the 800+ credit score club"

For years I dreamed of achieving a perfect credit score. I imagined crossing over that elusive 799 line and joining the elite 800 credit score club. I would reap all the benefits of a credit score over 800. I had grand visions of buying multiple rental homes for minimum down payments. Banks would just hand …
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